AlphaKid lesson plans were prepared by paying attention to the characteristics of children born or to be born in the generation Alpha between 2010 and 2025, and their learning pace, their inspiration, what they can and can’t tolerate and made ready for presentation to students.

AlphaKid students learn English organically as a mother tongue. Negative correction is never given to the student by the teachers; Through positive support, teachers help students learn constructively.

In addition, by listening, reading, speaking and writing each lesson, students activate their four basic language skills in 25 minutes without getting bored, in a fun virtual classroom.



Generation “Alpha”

The generation born between 2010 and 2025 is referred to as the Alpha Generation in the literature. AlphaKid has prepared a unique, effective and continuously developing American and Turkish education system common curriculum for these “digital children”.

Research says Online Education

As a result of a joint study by MIT university and Google, it’s been discovered that children learn five times more material in online learning classrooms than in traditional face-to-face classes using multimedia content.

Online Classroom Atmosphere

Children learn a lot from each other under the control of the teacher by being in the classroom atmosphere, and continue their social development by exchanging ideas with each other on lessons and life issues. In addition, children gain the ability to speak in public.

English World Common Language

It is our mission to raise a generation that can understand when they read and listen to the materials of the world and talk about them. Remember: Knowledge in the world is predominantly in English, and you can provide a great opportunity for your children by registering in our school, so they can learn mathematics, science and social studies terminologies in English.

Expert Teachers

All of our teachers are internationally certified teachers with experience in teaching children. Our teachers will be with the students for 2 lessons at 10-minute intervals from 25 minutes each day for AlphaKid group lessons, or you can also have a 25 min. private session with one of our teachers.

Digital Lessons at Home

Have your lessons at the comfort and safety of your home! Learning is much more efficient and effective with 25-minute interactive lessons that are optimized based on children's attention span.

Student-Centered Teaching Approach

The 40-week curriculum is taught by our native English-speaking teachers, with an intensive 5-day weekly program, with the maximum efficiency from each student, without the taught material being forgotten, constantly repeating what has been learned. All courses are also recorded and archived in our online campus system; so no lessons are missed.

World’s little individuals

The annual plan, which we have prepared with our world-class education understanding, is not only about the subjects learned at school for our young students; but, it is one of our most important missions to teach them to think and to be responsible by asking open-ended questions by including life-related issues.


Don’t ever think “my child already speaks English”...

Don’t ever think “my child already speaks English”.My daughter Angelique already speaks a native-like level English but I still enroll her with AlphaKid because kids learn these different subjects especially about science and social studies and widen their horizons. I sometimes get so shocked at things my daughter says about topics which you think kids wouldn’t have any idea about.

Mrs. Jovanovska

This is real life practice...

I believe English lessons are only language lessons and when they are mixed with real experience like math, social studies and science lessons, it has the maximum effect as I experienced for my daughter, This is real life practice and includes generalization and personalization techniques in practice and learning.

Mr. Mottaghian


First of all, we should know that "Alpha generation children" are the first generation to visit other planets and go to Mars as a colony. The letters A-L-P-H-A-K-I-D represent the colors and patterns of the planets Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, respectively. Earth is in the middle of them, and the rocket smoke that surrounds it is the symbol of the Greek first letter "Alpha". ( α ) In the near future, rockets will also be used in international travels in the world, and their engineers will mostly be Alpha generation children.

Let's take a closer look at Alpha Generation.

According to the famous Australian sociologist Mark McCrindle, the Alpha generation, who was born and will be born between 2010-2025, is the generation that learns, speaks, writes, reads, sees, plays, works and is inspired digitally. An average of 2.8 million Alpha-generation children are born every week around the world. Alpha children are peaceful and humane. Almost every child born in the Alpha generation will graduate from school in a longer period of time compared to previous generations, more children will complete their master's degree at the end of university, and even further their education. Many institutions will be born between these years, from online primary schools to universities. The first graduates of these institutions will again be Alpha children. Alpha children will live longer at home with their families. They will marry later and start their careers at a later age. This generation will live healthier and live longer than previous generations, and therefore they will continue their working life and retire until they are 70-80 years old. Alpha generation will be the first generation to settle on Mars as a colony and give birth to new children there.